AtelierBW    An introduction

A commission for me?  Or a sale? 

Never heard of me?  Not surprising...  Who am I ??? 

Basil Wynbergen, living in West London.   I was trained to draw and paint both at the Northampton School of Art and at the same art college as Vincent van Gogh, l'Academie Royale des Beaux Arts, Brussels, though he was not there with me!   My work has been shown in exhibitions both here in England as well as in Belgium and Sweden and additionally, is also represented not only in those countries but also in private collections in France, Portugal, Australia and New Zealand.

My studio imprint is "AtelierBW" and though I paint in oils, my main medium is gouache, (watercolour with added chalk), which I use in the same way as oils, "straight from the tube" and these finished paintings are lacquered.   I also make drawings using an 8 or 9b pencil or Conte crayon.

In the year 2000, my gouache painting of a decrepit Constellation airliner rotting in a yard at La Paz, Bolivia, was awarded Best Aviation Painting of the Year at the annual Guild of Aviation Artists' London exhibition. As an Associate of that Guild, I paint aircraft, (military, airliners or general aviation), as well as making seascapes and urban or country landscapes, houses, streets and pictures with a medical theme. On permanent exhibition in the Clementine Churchill Hospital in N London, is an oil I made in 1994/5 of my heart bypass operation, while in 1997 a large oil painting of mine was acquired by St Bernard's Ealing Hospital NHS Trust showing the Boiler House of the old hospital beside the Grand Union Canal. 

Both Maidenhead Historic Museum and Shoreham Airport Visitor Centre each have an example of my aviation paintings on permanent display likewise, the UK National Air Traffic Control Centre at Swanwick. 

While it may be eclectic, my work benefits perhaps from not being tied to one particular style or type.  Consequently, my paintings oscillate between impressionist, design and decorative.   I do not produce paintings which look like photographs.

So, if you would like to offer as a present .... or to have as a reminder, an impression of your favourite landscape, seascape or cruise ship at sea or in dock, or your yacht or Cessna 152, or house - whatever....  to commission from me or to buy an existing picture ... just give me a ring:

Tel: 07702 878 246


Some of my work is shown here in Galleries: One (Paintings)       One (More paintings)  Two (Drawings)  Three (Decorative)       Please, have a look !